The Committees primary task is to benefit organisations and correspondents in their area of responsibility. In addition committees can offer easy ways to join organisation work, but this is secondary. Condus serves primarily organisations. Committees have a chair (and possibly vice chair) that organize the operation. Committees operate mainly separate from each other.


Penkere Equality Committee            

Penkere Student Rights Committee

Penkere Wellbeing and Environment Committee 

Penkere Event Committee

Penkere International Committee

The Events

How to use Condus’ event calendar

  • Log in with admin in https://calendar/google.com  (The admin that your organisation has received. If not please contact Condus. )
  • Choose your organisation’s colour from the sidebar.
  • Make a new booking for that time your event is happening
  • Write down the event’s name and short description, for example does the event have tickets etc.
  • Mention also where and when the event is organized
  • Write down if the  event is open for all students

Condus has many kinds of events annually. They are open for all member organisations students. In addition we like to support our member organisations events for example through advertising or visibility. We have annual events such as the anniversary party, sitsit, Condus Amazing Race, Fuksiaiset for freshmen, Laskiainen and Vappu.



You can contact Condus student rights via email edunvalvonta[a]condus.fi

Condus student rights oversees that students are taken into account in the faculty’s decision making process. We also support the student interest issues in organisations and in student representatives work. Condus’ student rights communicates with many different directions such as associations, faculty’s administration or with HYY. 

Our issues regard for example compulsory courses for all students (such as mass- or method courses), inquiries, advancing faculty’s practices or co-operating with faculty’s administration and personnel. We also cooperate with organisations students and student rights correspondents, concerning major specific issues.


Student Representatives are chosen by students to organs where they can impact on decisions regarding students welfare and studies. You can apply to be a student representative in HYY or in our faculty. Every faculty has their own organs to impact and you can apply to your own faculty’s organs. The task is usually one term (two calendar years) and different kinds of representative places open up annually. We need new representatives every year! 

You can support student representatives by giving them feedback or contacting them directly or via your student organisation.


Equality is a default value in all of Condus’ operation. Every member of Condus has a right to participate safely to the events. The equality operation can be divided into two areas: equality in the university and equality among students. We follow safety space protocol in Condus’ events and estates. You can contact correspondents of equality via email yhdenvertaisuus[a]condus.fi. 

You can contact us also anonymously via contact form: https://forms.gle/niCyrDh158U93dRFA

Welfare and environment

The correspondents of welfare and environment support members of Condus in welfare and look after Condus’ operation as environmentally responsible and sustainable. In practise correspondents execute assignments such as to check the Ambitions for the environment and welfare document annually, executing and supporting operations that follow the document and co-operating with faculty concerning environmental and welfare issues. 

Correspondents also organize the operation of Penkere Wellbeing and Environment Committee. Every student from our faculty is welcome to join the operation! 

Welfare and environmental content and post can be found also from our instagram account .