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Condus ry is a faculty organisation in University of Helsinki’s Educational Sciences faculty. The organisation started its operation in the beginning of 2004. Condus has 12 member organisation through which the operation affects thousands of students. The Association’s board runs Condus’ agency, for example five different committees. The easiest way to join the operation is to participate in committee’s meetings or become an official in Condus!

Board 2022

If you want to contact our whole board the best way is via email hallitus[a] Unfortunately we don’t transmit job offers or research invitations to our member organisations, however you can be directly in touch with our member organisations from member organisation- part.

Below you can find introductions of Condus’ board and officials. The correspondents email addresses you can find from contact info.

Paula Simola


Ronja Aaltonen

1. Vice chair, Events, Communications

Heli Nurminen

2. vice chair, Student advocacy, Chair of Penkere Student Advocacy and Equality Committee, Wellbeing and Environment, Facilities, Anniversary Party

Serafina Sahlsten

Treasurer, Ribbons and meritbadges, Condus Amazing Race

Mikko Pellinen

Secretary, Events, Chair of Penkere Events Committee, Environment and Well-being, Chair of Penkere Environment and Well-being Committee. Facilities, Data privacy

Linus Dunderberg

Equality, Freshmen and tutoring, Events, Condus Amazing Race

Sini Kangaskolkka

Events, Anniversary Party

Lilli Hatinen

Anniversary Party

Emppu Laakkonen

Communications, Events, Equality, Condus Amazing Race

Petra Pulli

Communications, Student Advocacy, Equality, Freshmen and Tutoring, Well-being (FSHS)

Ulla Paakkari

Tapahtumat, Internationality, Data privacy

Taika Vaulo

Communications, Overall patches

Karoliina Anttonen

Student Advocacy 

Tuulia Kukkonen

Student Advocacy, Freshmen and Tutoring

Riku Kallio

Facilities, Chair of Facilities Committee, Condus Amazing Race

Viivi Kivelä

Events, Facilities, Communications

Marika Saarelma

Anniversary Party -master