Condus’ Monthly Newsletter 9/2018

Condus would like to cordially welcome all new freshmen to our faculty!

Condus is the student umbrella organization of the Educational Sciences Faculty of Helsinki University, to which all 10 of the faculties student organizations and two non -faculty organizations are a part of. As such Condus does not have individual members, but by being a member of any of the student organizations you also become a fellow Condusian!

As a faculty student organization Condus does not focus on matters or events of merely one subject program, instead we organize events for everyone who studies within the Educational Sciences faculty and to anyone who is a member of our member organizations. One of our main focus is to ensure the rights of students and the various study programs located within the faculty. We also strive to maintain good spirits and cooperation between our various member organizations.

It’s easy to become a part of Condus’s activity through our various committees, of which there are six: International-, Student Rights-, Events-, Tutoring-, Equality- and Environment Committee. You can get to know all the committee’s without any kind of binding obligations. If you really want to commit, a new board is elected at the ending of each year for the next year. New board members are always welcome and no prior experience is needed, all you need is good spirits and interest!

Board members of Condus will gladly answer any questions you have, the easiest way to contact us is through our Facebook -page or our email. Feel free to also ask us on campus! Hopefully we’ll get to know each other better. Once more, welcome and good luck with your studies!

Upcoming events

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13.9. Condus Freshman Event

Condus’s traditional Freshmen Race is here again and this time with a fantastical twist. Freshmen of every campus study program can attend and show off their skills in downtown Helsinki, and the night will continue well into the night at the afterparty. This year’s theme is fantasy and it’s limitless possibilities.
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fuksiseikkailu kuva

28.9. HYY Fresher Adventure
HYY’s Freshmen Adventure will once again gather all the freshmen of Helsinki University to one place and to experience various checkpoints throughout Helsinki. Condus has their own checkpoint at Gustavus Rex (Leppäsuonkatu 11), see you there!
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UP!pro2018_kansikuva pienennetty

11.9. UP!pro 2018
UP!pro is here now for the third time! What’s UP!pro, one might ask? UP!pro’s idea is to provide students with possibilities to try various sports activities, which one might not try out by themselves. Would you like to try sword fighting or circus performance? Both are possible to experinence at UP!pro. Acquire your ticket and try something new!
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26.9. Condus Overall Patch Market
The first Condus Patch Market will be held at the end of September!
You can find all kinds of patches from the tables of Condus, a member organization or other partner affiliates. It’s also recommended that especially freshmen acquire Condus’s own song book, which you will definitely need if you ever attend any sitsit! The market will be held on the K1-floor of Minerva from 10 to 14.
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Other Events

10.10. Condus Amazing Race
The campus’s largest orienteering challenge is on it’s way, are you ready? Stay tuned for more info!

16.10. International Sitsit @ Alina-sali
Stay tuned, more information will come!

1.11. Condus’s Wellbeing event
Early November will start off with a very important matter at its center, wellbeing! There’s still time to join along to plan this important evening. Contact us if you’re interested!

24.11. HYY’s 150th Anniversary Party
The student parliament of Helsinki University is celebrating its 150th anniversary. They are bound to be an unbelievable party, which will be the talk of the town long afterwards!

Comstart!-improvisation club
Comstart! is Condus’s improv-club, which organizes improv exercises throughout the whole fall. Comstart! can serve as your spring board to Käyttiksen speksi, the campus’s theater club. So if you’ve ever dreamed of staring in the campus play, come train with Comstart!

29/08/2018 16:00 – 18:00 Aurora, draama 706
12/09/2018 16:00 – 18:00 Aurora, draama 707
26/09/2018 16:00 – 18:00 Aurora, draama 706
10/10/2018 16:00 – 18:00 Aurora, draama 706
24/10/2018 16:00 – 18:00 Aurora, draama 706
07/11/2018 16:00 – 18:00 Aurora, draama 706
21/11/2018 16:00 – 18:00 Aurora, draama 707
05/12/2018 16:00 – 18:00 Aurora, draama 706
19/12/2018 16:00 – 18:00 Aurora, draama 706

Future board meetings and committee meetings

Board meetings

17.9. at 18 @ Gustavus Rex (Leppäsuonkatu 11)
8.10. at 18 @ Gustavus Rex (Leppäsuonkatu 11)

Committee meetings

10.9. Condus International Committee Meeting from 16 to 18 @ Conddoori
18.9. Student Rights Committee from 18 to 22 @ Gustavus Rex
20.9. Equality Committee from 17 to 19 @ Conddoori

Condus International Committee

Condus International Committee is a place for all students interested into traveling, studying abroad and hanging around campus with new friends from all of the world.

You are welcomed to join in and bring new ideas for student activities or just to hang out and have fun. Maybe you would like a movienight, sighseeing on a tram, swimming in a sea pool, amusement park, excursions, sitsit, hangout night e.g.

Please sign in to our facebook pages to be in touch with others and to follow up the upcoming thrilling program infos.


By the way Condus International Committee is organizing a big sitsit this October so stay tuned, check out Condus’ Facebook events and your e-mail and why not join the committee!

Freshman photocontest

Hello, all of you amazing new students and members of Condus! The freshman fall is very unique and wonderful time and we encourage you to make most of it! 😄 Condus is organizing the traditional freshman photocontest. 📷 Share your most memorable, funniest or plain goofiest photo of the freshman fall and tag it with #condusfuksi18. Remember to ask for permission from everyone in the picture first. The best photo will be rewarded! 🎉 Contest is open until September 30th of September. Please note that if you share your photo on Instagram, you must have a public profile so that we can view your photo. If you don’t have Instagram or you don’t want to change your profile to public, you can also send your photo via e-mail hallitus[a] 😊

Matters of Education

Problems with your studies? – Worry not!

Congratulations to all freshmen for their new place of study! A unforgettable adventure awaits you within university life.

As with all adventures, sometimes you’re faced with setbacks when it comes to your studies. It can be a new practice implemented within the faculty, a challenging professor or some other larger politically charged educational conundrum.

When this happens, contact your student rights team! No matter what your issue is, the faculties student rights coordinators will gladly help. You can always start with the student right coordinators within your own student organization (for example, if your studying to be a teacher or general -and adult education, be in contact with Peduca’s student rights team).

If faced with a more serious issue then you should contact us, Condus’s student rights coordinators, since if need be we have the power to take the matter to the faculties management or Helsinki Universities Student Parliament. If your not sure who to contact, then you can always drop us a message and ask! You can find our email below.

If you’re the kind of person who isn’t afraid to call out problems and being active in the faculty, then by all means join us! Together we can make our lives better.


Student Rights Committee

Condus’s Student Rights Committee combines teamwork within the faculty, influencing decision making and having a good time. During committee meetings we often discuss current pressing issues within the faculty and try to solve these issues. All students are welcome to attend committee meetings, be you a freshmen or a seasoned student.

You can at any point join the committee joining the Facebook group (the link is below). The group is used to coordinate the next committee meeting and so that members can follow current issues and discuss them with other members.