Condus’ Monthly Newsletter 10/2017

TaComo – Laughter, Love and Doing it Together!

Do you want to test your wings with the fun student organisation activities and events? Are you enthusiastic about running with scissors, Uhu-Stick sticks to your hand, general hustling around, glitter, explosions and getting to know new people sound great? Welcome to Tacomo, this is just the place for you! We welcome with open arms also passionate Pinterest/DIY wizards, home cooks interested in making sitsimenus delicious and smooth business-oriented sponsorwarmers.

Within the Condus events experience or special skills are not being asked about – most important is the enthusiasm to do things together and cut some cardboard! In TaComo you can take part in organising sitsit, student cruises, parties or the exciting Amazing Race. You decide how little or big effort you want to put into them!

As part of TaComo you naturally enjoy many perks – signing up to sitsit firsthand, playdough therapy, friendship over organisation borders, overall badge – and of course the wonderful events themselves!

Welcome to the newbie night, we are waiting for you ❤

Space Sitsit
Aim for the moon – if you miss it you’ll land among the stars! Is your space shuttle ready? Condus, Kannunvalajat and KY-mppi will take you on an unforgettable space adventure in SMÖKki in Otaniemi. Dress up in your space suit and come meet the Martians, mans in the moon and other aliens on 2.11. Only the ones who are faster than light get to join when the sign up starts on 12.10. Follow the Facebook page of Condus or your email to make it to this earthmoving party!

Other events

  • 11.10. Condus Amazing Race (Signing up has closed!)
  • 1.12. BehaWorks

The Upcoming Meetings of the Board and the Committees

The meetings of the board of Condus and the committees are open for all members of the student organisations in Condus! Welcome to join!

  • 5.10. at 17 Board meeting @Gustavus Rex
  • 15.10. at 18 Condus International Committee @Gustavus Rex
  • 16.10. at 17 Condus Educational Committee @Conddoori
  • 18.10. at 17 Board meeting @Conddoori
  • 7.11. at 17 Board meeting @Gustavus Rex
  • 21.11. at 18 General meeting @Gustavus Rex
  • 29.11. at 17 Board meeting @Gustavus Rex
  • 11.12. at 17 Board meeting @Gustavus Rex

Greetings from the Faculty

From the beginning of October some teaching facilities will be available for students’ use outside teaching hours. The goal is to increase students’ possibilities to use the existing capacity of teaching facilities for study purposes. The University will keep track of utilization rate and gather feedback. Students can give feedback to

The available facilities for each campus can be found from here.

Educational Matters

Slack for Educational Committee

The Educational Committee now has its own Slack! Slack is a communication platform for organizations. Our goal is to create a low-threshold platform for everyone interested in educational matters. In the future you can find our faculty’s latest educational news on Slack. So join our Slack channel to keep yourself informed!

Cinnamon Buns & Carelian Pies with Condus International Committee

Interested in getting into the international circles of Condus? Join the Condus International Committee hangout on 15.10., where we bake the Finnish classics Carelian pies and cinnamon rolls while getting to know people from all over the world and visualising the next events of the fall together. The event is held completely in English and everyone is welcomed to join!