Condus’ Monthly Newsletter 9/2017

Welcome freshman 2017!

Condus warmly welcomes all the new freshmen! Condus is the interest co-operative interest organisation of the Faculty of Educational Sciences in the University of Helsinki. In other words we are a faculty organisation which includes as member organisations all the organisations in our faculty. By being a member of your own student organisation you are also part of Condus.

Condus takes care of the well-being, interests and amusement of its members in different ways. We aim at listening to our members as well as possible and actualising our activities from those starting points. You can contact Condus if you encounter unfairness or problems at the university, we will help! Condus also arranges many events, concerning parties, work life, wellbeing and sports, even across the sciences.

Taking part in the activity of Condus is easy. Tacomo is a group that allows you to take part in organising our events with just the effort you want. Additionally in Condus there are many different committees and teams, and you can get acquainted with their activities and take part without any commitment. If you’re super interested in the action, a new board for the following year will be elected always in the end of the current year. New actives are wanted always – you don’t need any former experience, enthusiasm is enough!

The board members of Condus will gladly answer all kinds of questions, you can send an email or come and say hi at Penkere. Hopefully we’ll run into each other and get to know better. Welcome once more!

In UP!pro students can try different sporty activities instead of bars in central areas of Helsinki. This year the selection includes trampoline park Rush, air yoga, and lazer tag in Megazone! Students from other faculties will be joining us in this event. So dress up in your world champion outfit on 12.9. at 10-16. The timetable of ticket sales is presented on the Facebook event.
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Fuksiaiset (The Freshman event)
The fuksiaiset of Condus is an event not to be missed! Also the older students are welcomed to the afterparty. If this event is not yet listed in your calendar, the traditional Condus fuksiaiset is held again after the orientation weeks on Thursday 14.9. The checkpoints are open from 17-21, and the afterparty starts at LeBonk at 21.30.
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Other events

  • 29.9 HYY Freshman Adventure
  • 30.9 International Sitsit
  • 11.10 Condus Amazing Race
  • 1.12 BehavWorks

The upcoming meetings of the board and the committees

The meetings of the board of Condus and the committees are open for all members of the student organisations in Condus! Welcome to join!

  • 13.9. at 16 Education Committee @Conddoori
  • 18.9. at 18 Board meeting @ Gustavus Rex (Leppäsuonkatu 11)
  • 21.9. at 14 Environmental Committee @Conddoori
  • 5.10. at 17 Board meeting @Gustavus Rex
  • 18.10. at 17 Board meeting @Conddoori
  • 7.11. at 17 Board meeting @Gustavus Rex
  • 21.11. at 18 General meeting @Gustavus Rex
  • 29.11. at 17 Board meeting @Gustavus Rex
  • 11.12. at 17 Board meeting @Gustavus Rex

Greetings from the Faculty

Instructions for Students

New students studying for the Bachelor’s Degree will find information regarding their studies from My studies -page under “Instructions for Students” (also known as Guide). Information is found by using search or scrolling down and clicking themes. Click “Select a degree programme” under the navigation panel and search for more detailed instructions for degree programmes and study paths.
(e.g. “Bachelor’s Programme in Education: Kindergarten Teacher (LTO)”).

Students in Master’s programmes and student who have started their studies before 1.8.2017 will continue to find information from Flamma.

Correlation tables

Starting from the Fall 2017 teaching is arranged according to new curriculae for everyone. Correlation tables show the correlation between the old degree programmes and the new curriculae. The tables can be found from the bottom of each degree program and study path’s front page in Weboodi’s course catalouge.

Transferring to the New Degree Program

The new bachelor’s degree programme for educational science started 1.8.2017. Students, who have started their studies earlier, can continue their studies according to the old degree programme and won’t have to transfer right away. However after the end of term 2020 (31.7.2020) all students will be transferred to the new programmes.

General instuction are found here (in Finnish). The instuctions for our own faculty are found from the same page.

Educational Matters

Educational Committee

Condus’ Educational Committee brings together faculty’s internal co-operation, influence and good atmosphere. The meetings consist of casual conversation of our faculty’s current educational topics and joint problem solving. All students, old or new, are welcome to attend the meetings. The next meeting is on Wednesday 13.9. in Conddoori.

Any email regarding educational matters is welcome to our inbox at edunvalvonta[a]