EDUCATHON 5th of May 2022

Welcome to Educathon

Educathon is a one-day event dedicated to finding solutions to making the education system more equitable. There will be a focus on three aspects of equity and inclusion: race, gender and sexuality, and disability. This event will be formatted like a Hackathon, where likeminded individuals will come together to come up with innovative solutions for certain challenges. Groups will be given a problem that they have to solve using an intersectional approach that highlights equity, inclusion, and accountability.

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Are you interested in finding innovative and inclusive solutions to problems in education? If so, Educathon is the event for you! It is a free one-day event where teams of 4 to 5 will work together to solve the event challenge.

Anyone can participate, all we ask is you have a passion for education, equity, and inclusion!

The winning team will be awarded with Finnkino tickets!

Please note that only parts of this event will be offered in a hybrid format. The group work will only be offered in-person, while the introduction of the key speakers, the panel discussion, and final discussion will be offered in a hybrid mode.

Date: May 5, 2022
Time: 9.00-18.00
Location: Terkko Health Hub
(Haartmaninkatu 4, 00290 Helsinki)
Light lunch will be provided for all participants.


Regarding the topic of anti-discrimination and inclusion in education, there are countless programs, teacher-workshops and materials available to all stakeholders in the educational domain. However, besides the vast availability of materials, the fundamental issue is the lack of recognition of structural inequalities, which is present in all levels of education. Which is why we came up with our challenge for this event:

How do we ensure that structural inequalities are more visible in educational environments?

A consultation with the City of Helsinki Education Division revealed that the workshops and materials are limited in achieving anti-discriminatory measures due to the focus on discrimination on a theoretical level. Thus, the challenge is to find a tool that helps educators, students, and parents to self-reflect and recognize discrimination in their environment.

We would like to ask you to address this challenge with a holistic and intersectional approach in mind.

More information on this case will be provided in the upcoming weeks, as well as in the beginning of the event. Be excited for a number of speakers, coaches and educational professionals with varying backgrounds who will offer their help and perspectives for each team throughout the event.