Periodical Newsletter III / 2022

What is Periodical Newsletter?

Condus Periodical Newsletter is a gathering of topical announcements Condus sends to it’s member organisations once in every study period if there is something to inform about. The newsletter will contain information that we in the Condus board think you might benefit from. Especially we hope that the Condus correspondents keep them selves up to date on what is going on in Condus. Still this newsletter has been planned to provide useful information for all actives in you organisation, no matter of their correspondence. This Newsletter is made for you and we will gladly take suggestions and feedback on how to make the newsletter better. If you have any feedback or questions, please contact us via e-mail at or via social media @condusry.


  1. What is chanching in Condus?
  2. Condus-correspondents
  3. Organisation officials contact information
  4. Condus Startday
  5. Overall patchfair
  6. Condus Anniversary Celebrations
  7. JärjestöPenger-discord (OrganisationsPenger-discord)
  8. Communications Material Market
  9. Penkere Student Advocasy and Equality Comittee
  10. Equality Contact Form 
  11. Active and Merit Ribbons 
  12. Premises Newsletter
  13. Condus-Merch
  14. Condus Songbooks
  15. Freshmen and tutoring corrspondents meeting

  1. What is changing in Condus?

Condus board has desided to move along with a ton of changes this year. We will be changing the way we direct our resourses. Our goal is to make our resourses useful to our member organizations so that more of what our teams do will benefit your officials. In practise this means that we want to do even more of collaborations with our member organizations and create activities, that make it easier for our organization to be there for their members. Just this week we organised an event together with two of our member organizations and more events are on their way! Our Communications team creates materials that other organizations can utilize in their communications. We are also working on renewing our facilities to make them even better for organising events and meetings.

During the becoming year Condus will be creating a new document of the long term goals of Condus. This Long Term Strategy is made in hopes to make these changes more permanent and help future officials in developing Condus even further. As in everything we do also in creating thi s document we want to hear your opinions on this issue. What does your organisation wish Condus looks like in the future? So keep a look out for chances to influence on the future of Condus!

Are you interested in collaborating with us? Do you need help with a project of yours? Tips on making your ideas a reality? To access all our teams contact information, please go to our website through this link ( To contact all our board members e-mail us at

  1. Condus-correspondents 

Condus has launched the role of Condus-correspondent this year. Condus-correspondency works similarily as SOOL- or SKOL-correspondency. The correspondents are responsible for keeping their organization up to date with what’s going on in Condus and Condus up to date with things going on in your organization. This could happend through gathering information most important to your organization written in our Newsletters or by joining our meetings or by contacting us directly. Your Condus Correspondent could be any of your officials for example someone that is in both your board and Condus’.

Condus Correspondents may contact us through, if they feel they might need more information of a short training for your position. This way we can find out how many of our correspondents would be interested in one. 

  1. Organisation officials contact information

Condus chairs have distributed an onlineform in the chairpersons meeting for collecting the contact information of your officials. On this form we ask for the names of your correspondents on different areas, their contact details and the names of those whom will be responsible for communications related to our committees. By filling out this form you can help us make sure you will be invited to the meetings of our committees.

Please act fast on filling this form! If the link to our form has gone missing, you can request acces to the form by contactin Condus chairs through

  1. Condus Startday

For this spring Condus is planning on organizing a Startday event for all organization officials. The meaning for this event is to bring our facultys officials and student actives together, make plans for the future of our facultys sudent activities and share the best tips and tricks to each other. We will publish more information on the event soon!

  1. Overall patchfair

Thank you for joining us on the Penkere overall patch fair! New patch fair is on it’s way again this spring. If you have any wishes for the timing or organization of the next patch fair, please let us know.

  1. Condus Anniversary Celebrations

Condus anniversary is here again! Because of Talvipäivät 2022 we had to change the typical timing of our anniversary party. The anniversary party is held this spring on Saturday the 23rd of March.

The anniversary invites have been sent and the enrollment to everyone opens in week 10 (14th-20th of March). Don’t forget to follow your email and Condus’ communication platforms to find more information.

  1. JärjestöPenger-discord (OrganisationsPenger-discord)

In 2022 Condus will continue concentrating our communication in Discord. From now on committees’ communication will happen through Discord. In addition to committees, conversation related to other responsibilities, tutoring, overall information and student representatives will be in Discord as well. JärjestöPenger – Discord server is an opportunity for your associations’ operators to keep actively contact to other operators.

Our goal is to make our JärjestöPenger – Discord server a platform that increases communality and cooperation, breaks barriers between different fields of study and offers support to all student operators of Penkere. We ask you to encourage your boards members and other operators to join the server by following these instructions:

  1. Create a Discord account through
  2. Open Discord either in browser of by downloading the Discord app on your device.
  3. Join JärjestöPenger -server by clicking this subscription link: 
  4. After joining, introduce yourself in our #introductions channel. Please tell us your name, the association/s you operate in and which responsibilities you have in your association. Without this information we are unable to add you to the channels related to your responsibilities.

If you have any questions or you face any problems with Discord, you can contact either Discord’s customer support or Condus’ communications team .

  1. Communications Material Market

In an effort for both Condus and its member associations to help each other with our communication, we have been looking for methods to share our communication’s materials! In 2021 we launched our communications material market, a Google Drive -folder where associations are able to add their own communication material in order to help others’ burden or to ask for help themselves. In addition we’ve started to collect our member associations’ logos in communications material market, so that cooperation and advertisement all over Penkere could be easier.

Communications material market can be found through this link:

  1. Penkere Student Advocacy and Equality Comittee

Penkere student advocacy and equality committee are merging. Contact to both committees will move to its own channel in JärjestöPenger-discord. You can find the instructions on how to join our discord server earlier in this newsletter.

  1. Equality Contact Form

Condus’ equality contact form has now been translated into Swedish and English, and the new form will be taken into use right away. In case of any kind of harrasment or other inappropriate behavior occurs in our university or student activities, Condus equality correspondets can be contacted through this form. In case your association want to utilize the base of our contact form, you can request it from Condus’ equality team (Petra Pulli, Linus Dunderberg and Emppu Laakkonen). Condus’ equality team will gladly help your association with any challenges and in developing preventive actions. Associations can contact our team best via email

Link to Condus’ equality contact form:

  1. Active and Merit Ribbons

Active and merit tibbons are granted next Saturday 19th of March at 13 in a Zoom-meeting. The Zoom-link will be in the meeting invitation sent separately.

  1. Premises Newsletter

Information regarding our premises is sent in a separate newsletter by Condus’ Premises Committee. Remember to read and follow our premises newsletters thoroughly in order to be aware of current affairs such as cleaning shifts and Premises Committee’s meetings.

  1. Condus Merch 

Condus merch ordered earlier this spring are starting to arrive to the buyers during March. It would be amazing to see our merch in use both live and in social media! Tag us in your pictures where you’re wearing Condus merch @condusry.

  1. Condus Songbooks

Condus’ new songbooks have arrived and the sales are supposed to begin promptly. Condus sells songbooks during our events, but our member associations are also able to purchase songbooks to sell themselves. If your association is interested in purchasing songbooks, please contact the board of Condus via email . More information about the songbook sales will be sent to your board’s email.

  1. Freshmen and tutoring correspondents meeting

Our faculty’s tutoring correspondents have invited other associations’ officials to plan the upcoming year’s tutoring and the training of our tutors. In order for all of our member associations’ voices to be heard and for the freshmen’s beginning of their studies to be smooth, the tutoring correspondents of Condus want to meet your associations’ tutoring correspondent within a month. To arrange a meeting, please join our JärjestöPenger -discord as soon as possible. You can find the instructions on how to join our discord server earlier in this newsletter.