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Condus ry, Oppimiskeskus Minerva
PL 9 00014 Helsingin yliopisto

Unfortunately we do not transmit job offers or internship place announcements through our email lists. However you can be directly in touch with our member organisations.

 E-mail addresses to correspondents

Chairpersons: pj[a]

Secretary: sihteeri[a]

Treasurer: taloudenhoitaja[a]

Communications team: viestinta[a]

Student advocasy team: edunvalvonta[a]

International correspondent: international[a]

Events team: tapahtumat[a]

Well-being and health team: hyvinvointi[a]

Enviromental team: ymparisto[a]

Facilities correspondents: tilat[a]

Equality correspondents: yhdenvertaisuus[a]

Anniversary party team: vuosijuhlat[a]

Freshmen and tutoring correspondents: tuutorointi[a]