Condus’ Monthly Newsletter 11/2018

kansikuvak oko muutettu
Photo: Anniliina Lassila

Come join Condus!

Student organization work is the best way to spend your student years! Condus needs fantastic people to join our team and you may be just the person, whose excitement, hard work and good vibes we need. You do not need to be knowledgeable or know how to do anything from before – what’s most important is an interest to make Condus’s student rights activity, events, environmental awareness, internationality, financial, tutoring, equality, chairmanship or even communications better and fantastic! Student organizational work can bring you not only new friends and fun experiences, but also some fundamental skills in your work life. As you may have noticed, these past few weeks we have used Instagram to introduce all the various people working within our organization this year, each with their own set of strengths and skills, so really all kinds of people are welcome. If some area of our work interests you even the slightest and you’d like to know more, please contact hallitus[a] or the email of that specific field of interest on our website.

Condus’s board will be voted in the 12th of November. This is when next years chairman and board are elected. Responsibilities are shared and decided at the beginning of the next year during the first meeting of that year.


Main events


12.11. The organizations Fall Meeting

Welcome to the organizations Fall Meeting, where the board members for next year will be elected! The preliminary activity plan for 2019 will also be presented. The meeting will be held in Finnish.


20.11. DOMMA10

Our beloved student house Domus Gaudium turns 10 this year. This is a true cause for celebration so naturally we are throwing an awesome buildingwide birthday party. So join us with your friends at Domus Gaudium to celebrate and have a once-in-a-lifetime with oeganizations Matlu (The science students), Biosfääri (biological and environmental science students) and MMYL (Agriculture and Forestry students).

Further information about the event and ticket sales can be found on Facebook-event.


10.-24.11. HYY 150 FEST

Right before the big anniversary party a student culture festival gathers together organizations, nations and committees of the Student union of the University of Helsinki! The program includes conserts, escape rooms, food festivals, clubs and seminars on university campuses and around Helsinki. The festivities culminate on November 24th when the Student Union HYY celebrates its 150th anniversary. The after party will be held at the nightclub Circus (starring Olavi Uusivirta!) and there will also be a traditional silliaamiainen or sillis on Sunday morning. (Silliaamiainen is a traditional breakfast or brunch served after all the anniversary festivities. The traditional silliaamiainen or “sillis” is the place to be. Fun fact: the literal translation of “silliaamiainen” would be “herring breakfast”, but despite the name there will also be other dishes than herring served!)


29.11. Condus Environmental Committee’s Flea Market Crawl

Condus Environmental Committee organizes a Flea Market Crawl where we visit multiple flea markets and second hand shops together in Helsinki. Our tour also includes stops at coffee shops so that everyone has enough energy to make ecological impulse purchases or hunt down things that you have considered buying to your greener closet for a long time.


Other events

Comstart!-improvisation club

Comstart! is Condus’s improv-club, which organizes improv exercises throughout the whole fall. Comstart! can serve as your spring board to Käyttiksen speksi, the campus’s theater club. So if you’ve ever dreamed of staring in the campus play, come train with Comstart!

07/11/2018 16:00 – 18:00 Aurora, draama 706
21/11/2018 16:00 – 18:00 Aurora, draama 707
05/12/2018 16:00 – 18:00 Aurora, draama 706
19/12/2018 16:00 – 18:00 Aurora, draama 706

Future Board Meetings and Committee Meetings

The organizations Fall Meeting

12.11. at 18 @ Gustavus Rex

Board meetings

20.11. at 17:00 @ Conddoori
12.12. at 16:00 @ Gustavus Rex

Committee meetings

Upcoming Student Rights Committee Meetings:
19.11. at 18.00 @ Conddoori
3.12. at 18:00. Place will be announced later

Other Committee Meetings:
14.11. at 17.00 Ympäristötoimikunnan kokous @ Conddoori

Matters of Education

In the interest of time, educational matters have not been translated, since most are not pertinent for example to exchange students. If you would like to know more or have any questions, please contact us at hallitus[a]

Greetings from the Faculty

Dear student!

You are cordially invited to discuss current matters over some morning coffee/tea in Olivia’s “aquarium space” with the heads of the various student programs. Discussions are organized once a month 1.10., 5.11. ja 3.12. 2018 from 8.30am to 9.30am.

Best wishes,

Elina Kontu ja Inkeri Ruokonen