Condus’ Monthly Newsletter 4/2018


Tools and skills to well-being – SOOL & Condus: ABC of everyday’s well-being

We are going to have an inspirational training evening for every educator on Tuesday 17th of April at Minerva-tori! SOOL (Teacher Student Union of Finland) and Condus are organising a wellbeing-themed training. There are going to be lectures from Finnish Red Cross, Nyyti ry and Susanna Jokimies. Unfortunately the education is held on Finnish only. For more information, please contact info[a]


Upcoming events


Pussikalja-appro with Kompleksi 23.4.

What could be a better way to kick off the Vappu-week than visiting different parks, relaxing with your friends and enjoying refreshing beverages? Condus and Kompleksi (the Psychology students) are organising together the traditional “Pussikalja-appro”! This event is kinda like a pub crawl, but instead of pubs and bars, it happens outside in different parks and we enjoy our own drinks. Welcome to enjoy wonderful spring weather and the company of old and new friends! More information coming soon.

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Overall Patch Market 26.4.

Come find new shiny patches for your overall right before Vappu! At the market you can find Condus along side all of our other student organizations. The market will take place in K2-floor of the Minerva-building, and it will be open between 10-14.

Vappureha 2018 kansikuva pixlr

Vappureha 30.4. (FULL)

Birds chirping, nature blossoming – all pretty clear signs of spring, but the most distinct sign of all is of course May Day, Vappu! Limes, Matlu, Condus, Kannunvalajat and Biosfääri are organising the traditional Vappu evening party with students from different faculties and organisations. Get your overalls on your waist, put your student cap on and come spend an unforgettable Vappu 2018!

Restaurant_ships_on_the_river_Aura_in_Turku 1

To AATU with Condus 16.5.
After Vappu and other duties, what would be a better way to relax than to take off to Turku with Condus and participate AATU? The official name for the event is “Akateeminen Aurajokilaivuritutkinto” and it is an annual, very popular riverside pub crawl. More information will follow soon.
More extensive info about AATU

Other events

23.4. Vappu-Hoplop (FULL)

27.4. Allas Sea Pool with Condus International Committee

1.5. Vappu

24.5. HYY & Grand Sitsit 2018

Future board meetings and committee meetings

Board meetings
3.5. at 17 @Gustavus Rex

Committee meetings
16.4. klo 17 Student Rights Committee @ Conddoori

We are searching for a work life coordinator and a equality coordinator!

Work life coordinator?

Student life is great and unforgettable, but sometimes it’s good to plan ahead and look into one’s future. As students of Education we have many possibilities to focus on certain fields, be it an expert on educational matters to becoming a teacher, but what different jobs can fit in between these two? If you want to come find out for yourself and share your expertise in the form of various work life -events, then come be our work life coordinator! We can all expect to land a job eventually, so why not organize CV-clinics and learn other useful skills for work life in the meantime.

Equality coordinator?

Equality affairs is one of our most important and current themes in student organization activity. Would you like to make Condus’s activity more transparent, safer and nicer for everyone? Is being comfortable and safe at events close to your heart? An equality perspective is very important when planning a party and in our communications – Condus wants that everyone has a chance to participate in all activity and have their voices be heard. Equality activity in Condus also involves co-ordinating with other equality co-ordinators from other student organizations and with people who are interested in equality issues in our Equality Committee. In this position you can bring out your own personality together with other like minded people. Together you can spearhead how equality can be improved within student organizations.

Interested? Contact us: hallitus[a]

The sports appro, UP!pro 2018, is coming – follow us on social media!

The sports appro UP!pro takes over the gyms, parks and streets in September! This year UP!pro is held on 12th of September and the plans for this awesome event are already ongoing. What does it take to make an event like this happen? We will post documents and other information about the plans during the spring and summer, so please follow us on Facebook and on Instagram @uppro_yhdessaylos and you get to see behind the scenes!

Greetings from the Faculty

Book an appointment with Student Services

As a student, you can book an appointment for study counselling. If you feel like your study related issue is a bit more demanding, you can now book an appointment with Student Services via a new service for booking appointments. On the booking page, please write an explanatory note about your issue, so we can help you in the best possible way.

Book an appointment here.

Good spring and summer to you all!

This is the last newsletter of this spring. Condus wishes everyone very sunny spring and relaxing summer! Our next newsletter will be published in the beginning of the fall.