Condus’ Monthly Newsletter 9/2015

This is a monthly newsletter of Condus. Condus ry is the cooperation organization of  students in the Faculty of Behavioural Sciences.

This newsletter contains:

  1. What is Condus?
  2. Take the best freshman picture!
  3. Upcoming events
  4. Upcoming board meetings
  5. Promotion of students’ interests
  6. Join TaComo!

1. What is Condus?

Condus is the student organization of the Faculty of Behavioural Sciences and hence unites all the faculty’s students. All the students in our faculty, including YOU, belong to Condus through the student organization of their major subject.

During the academic year Condus organizes a lot of big events, such as Freshmen Party, Condus Amazing Race, Pre-Christmas Party, Sitsit and Anniversary Party. Condus also follows and reacts to current study issues, and one of our main duties is to take care of our students’ rights. Condus’ goal is to make sure that the students’ opinions are heard both in the faculty’s and the university’s decision making.

Condus has six different committees: Event Committee, Study Committee, Environmental Committee, Equality Committee, Estate Committee and Tutor Committee. The committees bring together students from different student organizations and offer everyone a chance to be involved in things they are interested in. Dates of the committee meetings are published in the monthly newsletters of Condus and in the committees’ own Facebook groups. Both the groups and the meetings are open to everyone! More information (in Finnish) here.

To find out more, visit our website and sign up for your own organization’s mailing list – also like Condus on Facebook and follow us on Instagram and Twitter @condusry

Welcome to start your studies in a great company!

2. Take the best freshman picture!

Join our photo competition by taking a picture of your freshman autumn and posting it on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #condusfuksi. The competition is on until the 18th of October and the participant with the best picture will be rewarded with two tickets to Condus’ Big Sitsit on the 5th of November.

3. Upcoming events

CONDUS’ FRESHMEN PARTY on September 10th

Condus’ Freshmen Party is a traditional event where teams of freshmen compete against each other by completing different kinds of fun and creative tasks in the city centre. There will also be an amazing after party where the winners of the competition will be announced and rewarded. The Freshmen Party is a great opportunity to get to know your fellow freshmen and the student organizations of our faculty.


CAR-FREE CAMPUS on September 22nd

September 22nd is an international Car-Free Day and therefore the Environment Committee of Condus encourages the staff and the students of our faculty to give up their cars for that day. The Environment Committee will also organize theme-related programme on our campus. Further information coming soon!

FRESHMAN ADVENTURE 2015 on September 30th

The Freshman Adventure is a huge event for all the freshmen in the University of Helsinki. It’s like Condus’ Freshman Party but on a bigger scale! This event organized by the Student Union gives you a great chance to explore the city, see other faculties and find out what’s going on in the student society.



Condus Amazing Race is a fun orienteering competition based on the TV show “The Amazing Race”. In this extremely popular event teams of 3 to 6 people travel around Helsinki and solve problems on the way. The first team that finishes the race wins a fabulous prize!

CONDUS’ BIG SITSIT on November 5th

Sitsit is an academic dinner party that includes a three-course meal accompanied by a lot of singing, drinking and toasting. This is a party you definitely don’t want to miss! Condus organizes sitsit at least twice a year – every autumn and every spring.


Further information coming soon. Stay tuned!

4. Upcoming Condus board meetings

  • September 14th at 6pm
  • October 6th at 6pm
  • November 11th at 6pm
  • November 25th at 6pm
  • December 10th at 4pm

The meetings are open to all students in our faculty. All meetings are held in Gustavus Rex (Leppäsuonkatu 11). Welcome to follow and participate!

5. replacement of the administration’s student representatives

A two year season of the administration’s student representatives is coming to an end. Now it’s time to choose new representatives to the Faculty Council, the Department Council of IBS and the Department Council of OKL. Your expertise is needed to secure the student’s voice in decision making.

The councils meet once a month during the semesters and the meetings last between 1 and 3 hours depending on the quantity of the content. In addition the student representatives are hoped to take part in the meetings of the Study Committee so that the pass of information from student organisations is guaranteed.

In the councils you’ll learn to affect our faculty’s current matters and hear the latest news of the faculty directly from the personnel. Being a student representative will also grant you 1-2 credits depending on your activity. To the faculty and department councils will be chosen 5 actual members and 5 deputy members and to the University Collegial Body 2 actual members and 2 deputy members. Let us know about your interest not later than 4.10.

Further information and questions can be sent to  edunvalvonta[a] or you can contact the responsibles of studies in Condus (Jouni Vainio, Kasper Mobarak, Liisa Vuolas) directly via Facebook or email.

6. Join tacomo!

Do you have ideas on how to improve Condus’ events? Do you want to get experience in organizing academic dinner parties? Or do you just want to take part in smaller tasks such as crafting or selling tickets to parties? Whatever your interest is, you are welcome to join TaComo, the event organizing division of Condus!

In TaComo we brainstorm for new ideas and event concepts for Condus and help to carry them out, as well as the already existing events. By joining TaComo you can take part in Condus’ operations in a fun way and without commitments. This is also a great way to get to know our faculty’s students across study subjects.

Joining TaComo is possible at any time of the year and joining the Facebook group doesn’t require committing to anything. In TaComo you get to decide what and how much you want to do!

You can also contact the chair of TaComo, Emma Korhonen (tapahtumat[a]