Condus’ Monthly Newsletter 12/2015

This is a monthly newsletter of Condus. Condus ry is the cooperation organization of  students in the Faculty of Behavioural Sciences. Like Condus on Facebook and follow us on Instagram and Twitter @condusry.

This newsletter contains

  1. Upcoming events
  2. A new board for Condus has been chosen!
  3. Current educational policy issues in a nutshell

1. Upcoming events


Welcome to a learning party! After a long and thorough renovation the learning centre Minerva will open its doors on December 1st, and students will have a chance to get to know the new working space in a circuit training style from 1pm to 4pm. Condus will also serve coffee and tea in Conddoori during the three hours.

The circuit training stations (held in Finnish):

  1. Present, draw, watch: What all can you do with the CleverTouch screens in the group work spaces?
  2. E-point helps: Using the electronic library effectively
  3. Office365: How to book a group work space and what else is Office365?
  4. Ask a librarian! Tell your wishes and give feedback on the learning centre.

More information (in Finnish) here.


Ho, ho, ho! Are there any good students here?

Condus’ traditional Pre-Christmas Party will take place in the urban surroundings of Kallio on Thursday, December 3rd. Gather up a team of 3–7 Christmas elves and come to explore the cosy (and hopefully Christmassy) pubs of Kallio. The starting point will be announced later and there will also be some activities for the little elves.

Sign up by Tuesday, December 1st via this e-form. You will be asked the name and the size of your team and the name and the e-mail address of one of the team members.

This event is completely free but if you want to buy a Christmas patch for your overalls you should bring some cash 🙂

See you soon!



The student unions of the capital region (HYY, AYY, TaiYO and SHS) organise the traditional student torchlight procession on Finland’s Independence Day, December 6th, and Condus will also participate in the parade. The organising of the parade and the distribution of torches will begin at 4pm between the Väinämöinen field and the Hietaniemi Cemetery gates. You’ll recognize us  by the flag. Please wear warm clothing and your student cap!


CONDUS BOARD LAST MEETING 2015 on December 10th

The meeting is open to all students in our faculty, and is held in Conddoori (Minerva, K2, SIltavuorenpenger 5A) at 4pm. Welcome to follow and participate!

2. A new board for Condus has been chosen!

A new board for the year 2016 was chosen in the general meeting on November 25th.

Chair: Olli Savisaari (Intelligenzia)
Vice-chairs: Pauliina Alatalo (Phenomena) and Vivianne Ruohola (Ebe)
Secretary: Vilma Heinisuo (Foni)
Treasurer: Saara Jalava (Peduca)

Board members:
Minna Pukkila (Peduca)
Waltteri Immonen (Erikeepperi)
Eveliina Rossinen (Peduca)
Samuli De Pascale (Intelligenzia)
Aino-Kerttu Alaspää (Erikeepperi)
Rosa Malinen (AKK)
Minna Varvas (Ebe)
Iiris Helojärvi (HAO)
Saara Silvennoinen (Erikeepperi)
Minna Hakonen (Tekstiilarit)

Big congratulations to the fantastic team!



3. Current educational policy issues in a nutshell

  • ”The Big Wheel” keeps on turning in the Faculty of Behavioural Sciences. In the beginning of November two working groups were formed and they developed proposals on how the ideas of the Big Wheel could be put into practise in our faculty.
  • A discussion was held on November 9th and especially our student representatives have utilized the viewpoints that arose in the discussion.
  • On November 13th the working groups returned their proposals to a steering group that worked on the proposals.
  • On November 23rd the Study Committee had a meeting where the proposals were presented, and especially the proposal of group number 2 was seen as promising. The next day the proposals were discussed in a meeting of the Faculty Council.
  • On November 30th there will be a pop-up discussion session where all students can share their thoughts about the Big Wheel. The Faculty Council will have its next meeting on December 7th, and the final proposals will be sent forward on December 10th.


Happy holidays! Hope you all have a relaxing Christmas!