Penkere International Committee


Condus International Committee is an open-for-everyone committee subject to Condus ry. The most essential objectives of the group are to increase and maintain the internationality of the students in the Faculty of Educational Sciences, and to operate as an aggregating party between all international assignees in different organisations operating under Condus ry.

The most apparent function of the committee is planning, arranging and hosting international events from English speaking sitsis to excursions. The committee works closely with the faculty and The Event Planners of Penkere, as well as the exchange students and their tutors. To facilitate the communication, Condus International Committee operates primarily in English. The existing international assignee of Condus ry serves as the Chairperson of the International Committee. You can find more information about the committee from its own Facebook group, via which you can easily participate to the degree of your own willing. Topical information on upcoming events can be also found from the joint Event Calendar of Penkere.


International Committee on Facebook