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What is Condus?

Condus is the cooperation organization of students in the Faculty of Educational Sciences. All student organizations of different majors in our faculty are members of Condus.

What does Condus do?

Condus brings together students of different majors, makes sure that students’ voices are heard in our faculty and organizes a lot of different events.
Condus also has various committees, such as Environmental Committee and Equality Committee. The committee meetings (as well as the board meetings) are open to all students in our faculty.

What kind of events does Condus organize?

Condus organizes many kinds of events from big parties to casual get-togethers and sports activities.

Here are some big events that are organized every year:

Freshman Party (Fuksiaiset)
Teams of freshmen dress up to a given theme and compete against each other by completing funny tasks in the city. This event is a definite MUST for every freshman!

Condus Amazing Race
Have you ever watched the TV show ”Amazing Race” and wished to be able to participate in it? Now it’s possible when teams of students travel around Helsinki and solve problems on the way.
NB: You will need at least one Finnish speaking person on your team!

”Sitsit” is an academic party that includes a three-course meal accompanied by a lot of singing and toasting. There is often a theme and you always have to follow the sitsit etiquette (otherwise you might be punished ;)). Condus organizes a sitsit at least twice a year.

Condus’ Anniversary Party
Every spring Condus celebrates its anniversary with a fancier anniversary ball, a more formal version of sitsit.

How do I become a member of Condus?

By joining your own student organization you will also become a member of Condus. If you are an exchange student in our faculty and not a member of any student organization, don’t worry – you are still very welcome to our events!

What is speksi?

“Speksi” is a musical created completely by students. It’s a dazzling show that includes acting, improvisation, music, dance and interaction with the audience – you don’t want to miss it!

There is a new speksi every year: the recruiting takes place in the autumn and the performances are in the spring.

How do I get the latest information about events and other things?

Keep up to date with this website – go ahead and bookmark us!
Follow your e-mail: we will send a monthly newsletter via student organizations’ and exchange students’ mailing lists.

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