Condus’ Monthly Newsletter 3/2018

The 14th anniversary dinner of Condus 7.4.2018

Condus 14 kk-tiedote oikea

Condus ry is celebrating its 14th birthday in April! Anniversary Dinners are one of the oldest traditions within university culture. It is a grand academic dinner party, where songs are sung, fine foods are available and time is spent with old and new friends. After the official dinner there is an afterparty followed by a Sunday-morning “sillis”-breakfast.

We will celebrate date on the 7th of April, 2018, at restaurant Kaarti. The address is
Pohjoinen Hesperiankatu 33. We welcome all members of Condus to attend this unforgettable night with us! More information about the anniversary dinner to the whole anniversary week (2.4.-8.4.) will be made available later.

Facebook-event for the Anniversary Dinner

Upcoming events

Condus’s Hippy Sitsit 12.3. (FULL) Hippisitsitt

Our traditional Spring Sitsit are here again! On Monday 12.3. we can embrace trying to save the world, flower power and colorful clothing, as we transform Alina Hall into a massive hippy commune! Read more…

upproUP!pro – Become active together -committee’s first meeting 7.3.

Next Falls most intense student event, the athletic -crawl UP!pro, would not happen without awesome people to plan it, organize it and execute it!
Read more…

Other events

13.- 17.3. Käyttiksen speksi student theater: Häkkilintuja @ Teatteri Forum,
Facebook-event (in Finnish)

21.3. Condus organisation-coaching,
Facebook-event (in Finnish)

Future board meetings and committee meetings

Board Meetings:

  • 22.3. at 17 @Gustavus Rex
  • 12.4. at 17 @Gustavus Rex
  • 3.5. at 17 @Gustavus Rex

Committee meetings:

19.3. Student Rights Committee meeting at 18 @Conddoori
Facebook-event (in Finnish)

We want you to be a part of Condus!

Condus is still looking for amazing people to fill various roles within our organization. No prior experience is needed. The most important thing is that you would be excited about the position you are applying for! Come make our activity unique, excellent and something that you’ve been a part of! Below you can find more information about our open positions.

Work life coordinator?

Student life is great and unforgettable, but sometimes it’s good to plan ahead and look into one’s future. As students of Education we have many possibilities to focus on certain fields, be it an expert on educational matters to becoming a teacher, but what different jobs can fit in between these two? If you want to come find out for yourself and share your expertise in the form of various work life -events, then come be our work life coordinator! We can all expect to land a job eventually, so why not organize CV-clinics and learn other useful skills for work life in the meantime.

Equality Co-ordinator?

Equality affairs is one of our most important and current themes in student organization activity. Would you like to make Condus’s activity more transparent, safer and nicer for everyone? Is being comfortable and safe at events close to your heart? An equality perspective is very important when planning a party and in our communications – Condus wants that everyone has a chance to participate in all activity and have their voices be heard. Equality activity in Condus also involves co-ordinating with other equality co-ordinators from other student organizations and with people who are interested in equality issues in our Equality Committee. In this position you can bring out your own personality together with other like minded people. Together you can spearhead how equality can be improved within student organizations.

Environmental Co-ordinator?

As the environmental co-ordinator your job would be to organize meetings for the Environmental Committee, where you can plan activities that you want to organize together with like-minded people. In years past Condus has organized environmental events such as a Fleamarket Crawl and Carless Penger. The main goal of our activity is changing Condus’s operations to be as environmentally friendly as possible and to raise awareness on environmental issues.


Comstart! is Condus’s long dormant improv-club, which organizes open improv-nights to all members of Condus. Comstart! Co-ordinators do not have to run the improves (unless they want to), but instead reserves premises and recruits instructors for the improv-sessions. You can direct all activity in any way you want, there is no expected goals that you should reach.

Did somethinh wake your interest? Contact us, hallitus[a]


Matters of the education

Condus, together with Kannunvalajat, TYT, Humanisticum, Pykälä and Codex have issued an official statement regarding on going changes being made to entry exam policy. The student organizations wanted to bring forward their concerns in regards to how applicants are scored and how applicants high school degrees were to be rated.
As a part of the official statement representatives of the aforementioned organizations also visited the Ministry of Education and Culture to discuss these planned changes.

The official statement can be read here. (in Finnish)


Greetings from the Faculty

Add your emergency contact information to WebOodi!

You can now add and edit your emergency contact information in WebOodi. The University is gathering emergency contact information för students, so we are able to contact their next of kin in case of an emergency.

Application period for flexible study rights (autumn 2018) opens 1.3.2018

The flexible JOO study right enables graduate and postgraduate students to apply for a study right to another Finnish university, for example to complete a minor module or take individual courses.

The application round for studies starting in autumn 2018 is 1.3.–3.4.2018.