Condus’ Monthly Newsletter 2/2018

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Come join Condus!


We are looking for amazing and wonderful people to join Condus for various positions. Come make student life what you want it to be and then some! For more information on open positions, check out the Want to Join Condus? -section.

Condus is the co-operative student organization of the Faculty of Educational Sciences. You can get more information from our website or from your student organizations email. By belonging to a student organization, you automatically are a member of Condus! You can find a listing of our member organizations here.

Condus’s Board of 2018

The Condus board of 2018 organized itself 10.1.2018

Chairman: Eevi Laaksovirta
Vice Chairman: Saara Tahvanainen
Vice Chairman: Emma Heikkilä
Accountant: Kaisa Väätäinen
Secretary: Sanni Palomäki

Student Rights Co-ordinator: Ella Rönkkö, Eeva Hastell ja Wilson Nuckols
Event Organizers: Riku Kallio, Reetta Peltonen ja Robert Miettunen
Premises Co-ordinator: Lovisa Hirvonen
Informer: Pauliina Laamanen
Wellbeing Co-ordinator: Sanni Palomäki
Language Co-ordinator: Emma Heikkilä

You can find contact information for all board members here.

Open positions

Tutor Co-ordinator
International Affairs Co-ordinator
Equality Co-ordinator
Environmental Co-ordinator
Comstart! Co-ordinator

You can apply for these positions by sending an open letter to:
hallitus[a] More information can be found below.


Want to Join Condus?

Tutor Co-ordinator?
Do you remember when you started your own academic career at university? Was your freshmen year the best time of your life and you’d like to help others have the same experience? Apply to become Condus’s tutor co-ordinator! As a tutor co-ordinator you will co-ordinate with all the faculties tutors and you can become a part of improving tutor activity within the faculty. You will also be in charge of organizing next Falls most amazing freshmen event; Condus’s Freshmen Race!

International Affairs Co-ordinator?
You would be organizing events, meeting new people from across the globe and you can also practice English. Would you be interested in joining Condus’s activity as an International Affairs Co-ordinator? We need someone to co-ordinate Condus’s International Committee. As a co-ordinator you would work with other international affairs co-ordinators from other student organizations, international tutors and with the faculty. You would also plan and execute events with exchange students and other active international affairs advocates. You may also be able to attend various excursions, for example last year exchange students got to try ice swimming!

Equality Co-ordinator?
Equality affairs is one of our most important and current themes in student organization activity. Would you like to make Condus’s activity more transparent, safer and nicer for everyone? Is being comfortable and safe at events close to your heart? An equality perspective is very important when planning a party and in our communications – Condus wants that everyone has a chance to participate in all activity and have their voices be heard. Equality activity in Condus also involves co-ordinating with other equality co-ordinators from other student organizations and with people who are interested in equality issues in our Equality Committee. In this position you can bring out your own personality together with other like minded people. Together you can spearhead how equality can be improved within student organizations.

Environmental Co-ordinator?
As the environmental co-ordinator your job would be to organize meetings for the Environmental Committee, where you can plan activities that you want to organize together with like-minded people. In years past Condus has organized environmental events such as a Fleamarket Crawl and Carless Penger. The main goal of our activity is changing Condus’s operations to be as environmentally friendly as possible and to raise awareness on environmental issues.

Comstart! is Condus’s long dormant improv-club, which organizes open improv-nights to all members of Condus. Comstart! Co-ordinators do not have to run the improves (unless they want to), but instead reserves premises and recruits instructors for the improv-sessions. You can direct all activity in any way you want, there is no expected goals that you should reach.

Join TaComo!

The event organizing team would like to invite anyone of it’s members who are interested in organizing events to TaComo, Condus’s event organizing committee! Do you have a passion to organize parties, such as sitsit or anniversary dinners? Can you fold the perfect paper swan? Do you have the ability to get companies to sponsor our events via email? Or are you more interested in organizing a sports crawl?

If you answered yes to any of the following (or if you just like to organize or work with your hands), you are just what we’re looking for! Brainstorming and organizing events for Condus can be fun, adequately challenging and a perfect chance to get to know other students from beyond your own major! You can participate as much as you feel you can and you can join at any point during the year!
Tacomo’s Facebook-page

Upcoming events.

Overall Patch Market 8.2.
Come find new patches for your overall right before Shrove Tuesday! At the market you can find Condus along side all of our other student organizations and our partner Merkitsijät.
Read more

After the Shrove Tuesday Bonanza you might have cold toes and a dry throat. The best cure for that is Biosfääri’s, Condus’s, Kannunvalaja’s, Limes’s, Matlu’s and TYT’s interdisciplinary megaparty at Kaivohuone! The tickets only cost 3€ (+3€ coat check). The ticket price includes the amazing Laskuhumala-overall patch!
Read more


22.2. HYY’s Tuning Day 2018
Read more

In March
12.3. Condus’s Spring sitsit @ Alina-sali
13.- 17.3. Käyttiksen speksi student theater: Häkkilintuja @ Teatteri Forum

In April
7.4. Condus’s 14. anniversary dinner
COOMDUS -cruise! Stay tuned for more information!

Future board meetings and committee meetings.


The organizations spring meeting 21.2. at 18 @ Gustavus Rex
Facebook-event for the meeting

Board Meetings:
28.2. at 17 @ Gustavus Rex
21.3. at 17 @Gustavus Rex
12.4. at 17 @Gustavus Rex
3.5. at 17 @Gustavus Rex

7.2. Student Rights Committee meeting at 16 @Gustavus Rex
Facebook-event for the meeting


Greetings from the Faculty

Applications to become a student tutor for the academic year 2018–2019
The application period for students interested in becoming student tutors begins on Monday 29.1.2018 and ends on Monday 12.2.2018.
Read more about being a tutor!

Call for applications for student exchange 2018–2019
The application period for student exchange destinations begins on Thursday 1.2.2018 and ends on Thursday 15.2.2018. Available student exchange alternatives include summer courses 2018, the academic year 2018–2019 and the calendar year 2019.

Examine your possibilities for student exchange more closely here!

Book an appointment with Student Services
As a student, you can book an appointment for study counselling. If you feel like your study related issue is a bit more demanding, you can now book an appointment with Student Services via a new service for booking appointments. On the booking page, please write an explanatory note about your issue, so we can help you in the best possible way.

Book an appointment here.

New leadership at the Faculty of Educational Sciences
The leadership of the Faculty of Educational Sciences for the four-year period starting 1.1.2018 consists of:

  •    Dean Johanna Mäkelä
  •    Vice-Dean Arto Kallioniemi (community relations, international affairs and equality)
  •    Vice-Dean Kristiina Kumpulainen (research)
  •    Vice-Dean Anu Laine (teaching)
  •    Head of the Department of Education Riitta Jyrhämä