Condus Monthly Newsletter 4/2017

This is a monthly newsletter of Condus published in Finnish, Swedish and English.
Tämä on Conduksen kuukausitiedote, joka julkaistaan suomeksi, ruotsiksi ja englanniksi.
Detta är Condus månadsbrev som publiceras på finska, svenska och engelska.

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This newsletter contains:

  1. Upcoming events
  2. Upcoming Condus Board Meetings
  3. Upcoming Committee Meetings
  4. The Annual Celbration Week 3.-9.4.
  5. The renewal of the Condus songbook
  6. Condus’ Vappu (1st of May)


3.-9.4. The Events of the Annual Celebration Week
3.4. Joint departure to advance voting
4.4. Condus10
8.4. The 13th Annual Celebration of Condus
9.4. Election night by Condus and Kannunvalajat
10.4. The renewal of the Condus songbook
16.4. Movie Night with the Internatioan Committee
18.4. Outdoors & sauna @Kuusijärvi
19.4. Fleamarket appro
19.4. HYY Tutor Evening
25.4. Patch Market at 10-14
27.4. Kymppisuora with Condus
28.4. Brown bag beer -appro by Kompleksi
29.4. Beer pong -tournament @Rex
30.4. Vappureha @Nosturi
1.5. First of May celebrations

2. Upcoming Condus board meetings

The Condus board meetings are open to anyone in Condus’ member organisations. All the meetings this spring are held in Gustavus Rex (Leppäsuonkatu 11). Welcome!

11.4. at 17@Rex
4.5. at 17@Rex

16.5. at 18 @Rex additional meeting of the organisation
Now that the faculty has changed from Behavioural Sciences to Educational Sciences, Condus will update its regulations to match the new situation at the faculty. The regulation reform will be planned together with the member organisations during April, and on May 16th it will be decided on in an additional meeting of the organisation.


3. Upcoming meetings of the committees

11.4. Environmental committee
18.4. Education committee at 16 @ Conddoori

4. The Annual Celebration Week 3.-9.4.

Mon 3.4. The Coffee Service for the Annual Celebration from 11 to 14 @ CONDDOORI

Every little thing that makes a Monday great is worth it – this week it’s the fact that Condus offers free annual celebration coffees and sells some sweet and salty snacks, welcome!

Tue 4.4. CONDUS10 – For the little people

Join the run for a good cause! Condus 10 is a traditional part of the annual celebrations with a 10 kilometre jog or walk in the Helsinki centre. This year the revenue will be donated to Icehearts which prevents marginalisation and supports the sports action of disadvantaged children.

Wed 5.4. Evening for Make Up and Hairdos + the Dance Rehearsal

For learning new tricks about makeup and hairdos head to Rex at 16-17. The traditional dances, which are an essential part of the annual celebration, will be rehearsed at 17-18 also at Rex. These events are for free!

Thu 6.4. Dance Rehearsal vol. 2 at 16-17 @ GUSTAVUS REX

Sat 8.4. The Annual Celebration

This is the most important day of the Annual Celebration Week! The cocktail event will start at 17 at Restaurant  Hima & Sali.

Sun 9.4. Sillis (the traditional brunch) @ GUSTAVUS REX

Remembering the party and getting our feet back on the ground on the sillis brunch at 12 at Rex. The price is 15€ from the door.

5. The renewal of the Condus songbook

Are sitsit or annual celebration parties and the academic singing traditions close to your heart? Now YOU have the chance to take part on the renewal of the Condus songbook and make sure your favourite songs make their way into the new shiny version of the songbook!

All Condus people are welcome to get together and plan the new songbook as intensely or as briefly as they wish. The first meeting will be arranged in Gustavus Rex in a chilled out spirit on Monday 10.4. at 18. Welcome!

6. Condus’ Vappu (1st of May)

Condus starts its Vappu celebrations already on Thursday 27th of April with an excursion to KY-mppikerho’s appro (bar hopping) Kymppisuora. On 28th of April Condus recommends Kompleksi’s brown bag beer appro where you get to know the parks of Helsinki. On 29th of April in Gustavus Rex takes place a beer pong tournament in co-operation with Intelligenzia.

Vappu will reach its zenith on 30th of April – after the famous Mantan lakitus (placing the graduation hat on Havis Amanda statue) we will gather together and socialise under the flag of Condus at the Senate Square. When the day turns into night we will find our way to Nosturi, where this year’s awesome interdisciplinary party Vappureha is held. This party is arranged in co-operation with Limes, Matlu, Biosfääri and Kannunvalajat.

On the 1st of May Condus will set up its tent in Ullanlinnanmäki at 9am. Welcome!