Condus’ Monthly Newsletter 11/2016

This is a monthly newsletter of Condus published in Finnish, Swedish and English.
Tämä on Conduksen kuukausitiedote, joka julkaistaan suomeksi, ruotsiksi ja englanniksi.
Detta är Condus månadsbrev som publiceras på finska, svenska och engelska.

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This newsletter contains:

  1. Upcoming events
  2. Upcoming board meeting of Condus
  3. Upcoming committee meetings
  4. Join the international sitz team


10.11. Patch market

Do you wanna get the songbook for sitz? Do you wanna check all the cool patches of the Faculty of Behavioral Sciences? If yes, your chance is here! Condus organizes a patch market on Thursday 10.11 in Minerva K1 floor at 10-14. Welcome!



People, organizations and new ideas. Food, drinks, good company and music. Friendship, cooperation and mutual assistance. Across organizations.

Condus’ YYA-evening offers you all these! Condus is welcoming everyone interested in organizations activity in the Faculty of Behavioral Sciences to spend an evening in Gustavus Rex on Thursday 10.11 at 18.00. Come alone, with a friend or with your whole squad! It doesn’t matter if you’re a freshman or senior, what matters is that you come 🙂 See you at Rex!


14.11. Condus’ autumn sitz – FULL!

Yeehaw! Welcome to Condus’ 200 people sitz at the Agroksenmäen holvikellari. This time we dive into the big and great America! Think about what USA brings to your mind, maybe the stars of Hollywood, sports leagues or the presidents elections?! You name it!


17.11. Equity day

The planning of the equity day is on again! The date has changed, the new day is Thursday 17.11. The day is held at Minerva-tori at 10.00-14.00. The theme of the day is the diversity of gender and sexuality. There will be thrilling lectures and stands which give you information of the topic.  Welcome!


26.11. Condus’ preparty before HYY’s birthdayparty

HYY is turning 148 years so it’s time to celebrate! HYY’s birthdayparty is held 26.11 and Condus organizes a preparty, of course! More information of tickets and the preparty is coming soon so stay tuned.

1.12. Cloth changing in Conddoori and Dokument evening

Are you tired of your old clothes? Now you have a chance to get rid of them at a cloth changing event organized by the enviroment committee of Condus! Bring your old but still usable clothes to Conddoori and see if someone else’s clothes would be good for you! After cloth changing we’ll gather Gustavus Rex at 18 o’clock to watch a enviroment dokument.

5.12. Condus’ prechristmas party

Hi all the elves of the Faculty of Behavioral Sciences! Get your red christmas hat and march towards Gustavus Rex on Monday 5.12. There will be a fun prechristmas party for the whole faculty with christmas snacks and surprise presents! Stay tuned, more information coming soon.

2. Upcoming Condus board meetings

All students from the faculty of Behavioral Sciences are welcome to board meetings of Condus!

All meetings in autumn 2016 will be held at Gustavus Rex (Leppäsuonkatu 11)

Board meeting
Wed 9.11. 17:00
Thu 8.12. 17:00

Associaton general meeting
Thu 24.11. 18:00

In the general meeting the association representatives confirm the budget for the next year and choose new members of the board. Mark this day in our calendar if you are interested in the workings of Condus.

3. Upcoming committee meetings

Committee meetings are open to all students in the Faculty.

3.11. Equity committee meeting at 17.00 in Conddoori (Siltavuorenpenger 5A, K2)

28.11. Student affairs committee meeting at 14.00 in Conddoori (Siltavuorenpenger 5A, K2)

4. Join the international sitz team

The international committee of Condus organizes a sitz for exchange students on Sunday 20.11 at Gustavus Rex! The organizers can attend the sitz too and show how this traditional Finnish academic dinner party works. If you want to be part of planning and making sitz and see how it is in English,  send email to international(at)