Condus’ Monthly Newsletter 9/2016

This is a monthly newsletter of Condus published in Finnish, Swedish and English.
Tämä on Conduksen kuukausitiedote, joka julkaistaan suomeksi, ruotsiksi ja englanniksi.
Detta är Condus månadsbrev som publiceras på finska, svenska och engelska.

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This newsletter contains:

  1. What is Condus?
  2. Upcoming events
  3. Upcoming board meeting of Condus
  4. Upcoming committee meetings
  5. Join TaComo!


Condus is the student organisation of the Faculty of Behavioural Sciences, and unites all the students in the faculty. Every student, including YOU, is a member of Condus through the student organisation of their major subject. (Exchange students do not need to join a student organisation to take part in Condus events.)

During the academic year Condus organises many big events, such as Freshman Party, Condus Amazing Race, Pre-Christmas Party, Sitsit and Anniversary Party. Condus also follows and reacts to the current issues in our university. One of our main duties is to take care of our students’ rights. Our goal is to make sure that the students’ opinions are heard in the faculties as well as in the University at large.

To find out more, visit our website and sign up for your own organisation’s mailing list – also like Condus on Facebook. Welcome to the Faculty. You are in great company!

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Follow us on Instagram and Twitter: @condusry



Start up the new semester with a bang and come try out some new fun and exciting sports! More info on Facebook.



One of the greatest events of the fall is almost here! Condus once again brings together all of the Faculty of Behavioural Sciences for the annual Freshman Party on the 15th of September. Come and make some of the best memories of your freshman year! This year’s theme is BLACK SHEEP. What’s that mean? How do I form a team? Where’s the afterparty? Find out on Facebook!



What are the aspects of your study program that need to be preserved, and what could be changed or combined with other programs? Come discuss the university education reform with Condus study committee members and other interested students on Tuesday 20th of September at meeting room Rydman (Kaivokatu 10A). Evening starts at 6pm. The goal is to create a consensus of the things we should bring up on the Big Wheel committees. More on Facebook.



What is Condus? How can I get involved? What’s happening in the Faculty of Behavioural Sciences? Come find out all this and more at student room Conddoori on Wednesday 21st of September, from 11am to 1pm. Free tea and coffee, cheap baked goods available. Welcome!

Yes! It’s here again! The most popular event of Condus returns victorious, and this year we’ll have a whopping 120 teams. This city adventure is based on the concept of the TV series Amazing Race, where teams use clues to find hidden checkpoints. Gather up your friends and stay tuned, the event will be on Facebook soon!

3. Upcoming Condus board meetings

All students from the faculty of Behavioral Sciences are welcome to board meetings of Condus!

All meetings in autumn 2016 will be held at Gustavus Rex (Leppäsuonkatu 11).

12.9. klo 18
6.10. klo 17
9.11. klo 17
24.11. klo 18
8.12. klo 17

4. Upcoming committee meetings

Committee meetings are open for representatives of member organisations and everyone else who is interested.

9.9. at 5pm Meeting of equality committee in Conddoori
19.9. at 2pm Meeting of students interests committee in Conddoori
27.9. at 5-7pm Meeting of TaComo in Conddoori


What is planning events all about? Do you wanna take a sneak peek? Are you ready to join an awesome team, get new friends and laugh until your stomach hurts?! If you’re interested in any of these you are welcome to join TaComo!

The mission of TaComo is to plan and organize events of Condus. We organize events from academic dinner parties to sports events and from annual ball to pre-christmas party. Any student of the faculty of behavioral sciences can join regardless of age or field. In TaComo everyone is able to be active in Condus in a fun way without commitments to organisation responsibilities. It’s a great way to get to know other students from our faculty cross field limits and one can join whenever!

Start by joining our Facebook group, you’re not making commitment to anything. Everyone can do as much as they can and want in Tacomo.

The next meeting of Tacomo is 27.9 at 5-7pm in Conddoori, Minerva K2 floor in Siltavuorenpenger. There will be chatting and brainstorming with some snacks. Welcome!
You can also contact the head of TaComo Minna Pukkila (tapahtumat[a]
See you at the meeting!