Condus’ Monthly Newsletter 5/2016

This is a monthly newsletter of Condus published in Finnish, Swedish and English.
Tämä on Conduksen kuukausitiedote, joka julkaistaan suomeksi, ruotsiksi ja englanniksi.
Detta är Condus månadsbrev som publiceras på finska, svenska och engelska.

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This newsletter contains:

  1. Upcoming events
  2. Upcoming board meeting of Condus
  3. Upcoming committee meetings
  4. New Master’s degree programme approved
  5. Condus’ event for new tutors 3.5.
  6. Happy 1st of Maj and joyful summer



Condus organizes a picnic sitsit on Friday 29.4 starting at 3pm right next to Siltavuorenpenger, at Tervasaari. You’re welcome to spend in the best of company in an easy-going atmosphere, with some drinking songs! On breaks, there will be an opportunity to play spring- and 1st-of-May- themed games. Bring your own drinks and food (appetizers, main course and dessert), a blanket for sitting and a song book if you have one.


What would 1st of May be without amazing party with Condus, Matlu and Limes! Vappureha is here again, and it’s better than ever! This year the party is organized on Saturday 30.4 in Amarillo, Mikonkatu 9, starting at 9pm.

Tickets are sold in advance in Minerva K1-floor for 5 euros (includes the wristband(required for entrance), overall patch and cloakroom fee):
Thursday 28.4 at 10am-2pm



Condus’ tent will rise again at Ullanlinnanmäki to gather the brave people celebrating the 1st of May together to the same place!  We offer good company and shelter from the weather. Remember to bring your own food.


Kadettitoverikunta ry yhteistyökumppaneineen järjestää vappupäivänä 1.5.2016 klo 18:30 alkaen Poikkitieteellisen Wapun TAVASTIA-klubilla ja toivottaa kaikki käyttisläiset tervetulleiksi. Esiintyjinä kadettien oma bändi 66 KES Kole-Kole, Shiraz Lane sekä Paperi-T. Liput 22€ ennakkoon ja 23€ ovelta.

12.5. AATU

AATU is an appro organized in Turku. Condus is organizing a bus ride to the event and the signing up got full quickly. If you still want to go to the appro, we recommend to follow the Facebook page of the event because tickets might still be sold.



Students and staff at the University of Helsinki will once again come together to celebrate spring and Flora Day. This time the celebration, lasting from 3 pm to 8 pm, spreads the spring spirit to Kumpula, as Physicum (at Gustaf Hällströmin katu 2A) fills up with music, festive events, food and refreshments and, of course, the joys of academia.

The event will have separate quotas of 250 guests for both staff and students, and you should sign up in advance. Signing up begins on Monday 25 April.



These meetings are open to all students in the faculty who are interested in Condus. All the spring meetings will be held in Gustavus Rex, Domus Gaudium (Leppäsuonkatu 11).

11.5. at 5pm (Gustavus Rex)


The committee meeting are open for subject association’s coordinators and everyone from the faculty of behavioural sciences interested in the field!

6.5 at 3pm Meeting of the environmental committee at Gustavus Rex
In the next meeting of the environmental committee we decide for example the events that are coming up in the fall so you should definitely come by and share your opinions! There will also be something small to eat.

16.5 at 2pm Meeting of the study committee
The study committee and Condus are also organizing an event considering the Master’s degree programme and the date and time will be announced later.

4. New Master’s degree programme

On Monday the Academic Affairs Council approved a single Master’s degree programme for the faculty of education, in continuation to the previously approved single Candidate degree programme. The Master’s degree programme will contain more general studies.There will however be study modules to guarantee the possibility for specialization in each field. The specifics for each programme have not yet been determined.

The studies committee and Condus will arrange an open discussion about the new Master’s degree programme, time and place to be announced.

5. 3.5 Condus TuutorSafkat for the new tutors

Tutors and tutor coordinators of the faculty of Behavioral Sciences year 2016: many people want to cooperate with you!

At Condus TuutorSafkat on Tuesday 3.5 at 4-7pm at Gustavus Rex you will get information about the possibilities to being part of organizing cool events and get a say in the things considering the new students – and delicious food. On this Tuesday you don’t need to cook at home because Condus takes care of everything (including the dishes).
More information about the program and signing up in the Facebook event.




6. Happy 1st of may and joyful summer!

This is the last monthly news letter. Condus wishes to all members a happy 1st of may and a joyful summer! We also congratulate those who are graduating this spring and wish them a successful future!