Condus’ Monthly Newsletter 2/2016

This is a monthly newsletter of Condus published in Finnish, Swedish and English.
Tämä on Conduksen kuukausitiedote, joka julkaistaan suomeksi, ruotsiksi ja englanniksi.
Detta är Condus månadsbrev som publiceras på finska, svenska och engelska.

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This newsletter contains:

  1. What is Condus?
  2. Upcoming events
  3. Upcoming board meetings of Condus
  4. The new board of Condus
  5. Join Education Committee
  6. Join TaComo!
  7. Tutor application 2016 and Condus tutor-info
  8. Join Environment Committee
  9. Join International Committee

1. What is Condus?

Condus is the student organisation of the Faculty of Behavioural Sciences, and unites all the students in the faculty. Every student, including you, is a member of Condus through the student organisation of their major subject. (Exchange students do not need to join a student organisation to take part in Condus events.)

During the academic year Condus organises many big events, such as Freshman Party, Condus Amazing Race, Pre-Christmas Party, Sitsit and Anniversary Party. Condus also follows and reacts to the current issues in our university. One of our main duties is to take care of our students’ rights. Our goal is to make sure that the students’ opinions are heard in the faculties as well as in the University at large.

To find out more, visit our website and sign up for your own organisation’s mailing list – also like Condus on Facebook. Welcome to the Faculty. You are in great company!

2. Upcoming events

5.-7.2. CONDUS GOES TAHKO (Full!)

This year Condus is heading to the most popular destination of mid-Finland, also known as ”the Alps of Finland” – Tahko!
Event on Facebook.


Are your overalls in need of some patches to fill in the gaps? Condus and all our faculty student organizations are selling their patches on Monday 8th February. on K1 floor of Minerva from 11am to 2pm. The very popular Condus song books are also available for 8€ /piece. Make sure you have some cash with you when you come!
Event on Facebook


Shrove Tuesday is the highlight of the spring for all the students, and it takes place in Kaivopuisto park. Students from all around town will gather in the park for a full day of fun in the snow! The fun continues in the evening at club Kaivohuone, where Condus, Matlu, TYT, Biosfääri, Limes and Kannunvalajat organise a phenomenal party, Laskuhumala! The ticket to the party costs 3€ in advance and 4€ bought at the entrance, plus the cloakroom fee of 3€ . Ticket price includes the official patch of the event!

Shrove Tuesday on Facebook:
Shrove Tuesday 2016
Party at Kaivohuone
Condus group walk to Kaivopuisto


The yearly meeting of Condus is going to be held at Gustavus Rex 24.2. at 18:00. The meetings of Condus are open for every student of our faculty. Welcome! On the agenda are the annual report and financial statement for 2015, as well as the budget for 2016.

25.-26.2. COOMDUS-CRUISE (Signing up has closed!)
COOMdus is a party cruise of 22 hours on M/S Baltic Queen. The cruise leaves from Länsisatama port on 25.2 at 6:30pm and will return to dock the next day at 4pm.
Event on Facebook.


The super popular Speksi play is here again! Speksi is a spectacular form of interactive theatre combining improvisation, musical elements, dance and much more. Buy your tickets in time!
Event online and event on Facebook


Sitsit is an academic dinner party where students have fun with food, drinks and drinking songs. This spring you get to party with the Easter bunny and chicks at Condus Easter Sitsit! More information is coming up. If you want to be part of organising the funniest sitsit of the spring send email to tapahtumat [a] or join the Facebook group.


One of the oldest traditions in our university are the anniversary balls. The 12th anniversary ball of Condus is a graceful evening party and will be held in April. More information is coming soon, so stay tuned! In the meantime, you can join our event team and share your ideas and take part in organising the event. Join the team by sending an email to vuosijuhlat [a] or in Facebook.

3. Upcoming Condus board meetings

These meetings are open to all students in the faculty who are interested in Condus. All the spring meetings will be held in Gustavus Rex, Domus Gaudium (Leppäsuonkatu 11).

10.2. 17.00
24.2. 18 .00
28.2. 11.00
2.3. 17.00
30.3. 17.00
18.4. 17.00
11.5. 17.00

4. New board of Condus

Chair of the Board: Olli Savisaari
Vice chairs: Pauliina Alatalo and Vivianne Ruohola
Treasurer: Saara Jalava
Secretary: Vilma Heinisuo

Members of the board:
Minna Varvas, communications coordinator
Waltteri Immonen, chair of the Education Committee
Samuli De Pascale, vice chair of the Education Committee
Eveliina Rossinen, chair of the Events Committee
Minna Pukkila, chair of TaComo
Aino-Kerttu Alaspää, chair of the Properties Committee
Iiris Helojärvi, chair of the Environment Committee
Minna Hakonen, chair of the Tutor Committee
Rosa Malinen, chair of the International Committee

Other Condus operatives:
Antti Rantamoijanen, alumni
Veera Ruohonen, events
Elisa Pursiainen, Comstart theatre club
Terhi Laurila, CND Dance club

You can find the pictures and emails of the board on the website  or on the Condus notice board (floor K2 in Minerva building). If you’re uncertain about whom to contact, mail hallitus [a] to reach the entire board, and your message will be forwarded to the appropriate person.

5. Join Education Committee

The first meeting of the year will be held on Monday 15th of February at 14:00. The meeting is open to everyone, and the committee offers small snacks.

Before the official meeting there will be an informal evening on Thursday 11th February from 18:00 onwards at Gustavus Rex. Everyone who is interested in education matters are welcome to come and get to know other active students of the faculty. There will be complimentary cheeses and wine, but please do also bring a bit of something to share, so we get a proper feast for everyone!
Event on Facebook.

6. Join TaComo!

Do you have amazing ideas how to improve Condus events? Do you want experience in organising table parties or anniversary balls? Do you just want to take part in smaller tasks such as crafting or selling tickets to parties? Whatever your interest is, you are welcomed to join TaComo, the event organising division of Condus.

In TaComo we brainstorm for new ideas and event concepts, and plan and carry out already existing events of Condus. Whatever you major subject, you are most welcomed to join TaComo. This is a great way to get to know other students in our faculty. You can join in any time of the year, simply by joining the TaComo Facebook-group. By joining the group you do not commit to anything! You can do exactly the amount of work you have time and interest for.

7. Tutor application and Condus tutor info

It’s almost time for the tutor applying of 2016! Traditionally applying has started in mid-February but this year’s dates have not been published yet. Everyone who is interested in tutoring should keep an eye on the Tutoring-page in Flamma. While waiting for the applying to start you can get to know the material of last year and get excited for the future.

Condus will organise a tutor-info event for everyone interested in tutoring once the application period has begun. The time and place will be emailed to all the students when the faculty verifies the timetable. In the info event you will hear how to apply, what being a tutor includes and what the Condus tutor committee does. Stay tuned!

If you have questions about tutoring email: tuutorointi [a]

8. Join Environment Committee

Would you like to help develop a more environmentally friendly faculty?Join Condus Environment Committee!

All students who are interested in environmental issues are welcome to join. The committee organises events and campaigns to promote sustainable development, and generally works to introduce greener policies in our faculty.

First meeting of the year will be held at Conddoori on Thursday 11th February at 16:15. Do drop by to share and discuss ideas, or just to follow the meeting.

You can also join the Environment Committee Facebook group or contact the committee by email ymparisto [a]

9. Join International Committee

Are you interested in international things and people from other countries? The international committee is your place to be!

The international committee runs the international things in our faculty, plans and organizes different kind of events for our international students and creates opportunities for students to get to know to the exchange students and other way around. Anyone can join the committee and you can do just as much as you want. The first meeting of the new committee is at 18pm 15.2 in Cafe Roasberg. We are going to plan the upcoming spring in an easy-going atmosphere.

You can join the Facebook group or you can send email to: international [a]